Once attending Bright Sparks Pre-school, each child is allocated a named member of staff as his/her “Key Person”. Your child’s Key Person will be the one who works with you to ensure that our provision is right for your child’s particular needs and interests. In addition, each child has an online journal which is a record of interests and achievements throughout his/her time with us. These journals are a partnership between the parents & the Pre-school and parents/children are therefore encouraged to contribute information, photos, drawings etc to enable us to recognise and share in your child’s interests and achievements at home.


We have an Equal Opportunities Policy and try to offer activities and practices to all children within the group of other cultures, gender, race, religion and disability.

We celebrate various festivals throughout the year and have lots of reading material and posters within the Pre-school showing children from other countries.


Health & safety are of the utmost importance within a Pre-school environment. Any accident within the group is recorded by a member of staff and parents are informed when collecting the child – in the event of an emergency, the parents/guardians are contacted immediately.

On a daily basis all cups/utensils are washed, tables are wiped clean, toilets and sinks are cleaned with antibacterial liquid and overalls/cleaning cloths are washed.
Toys and equipment are regularly checked and cleaned with antibacterial liquid. Play dough and sand are regularly replaced.

In the event of a child bleeding, all staff use disposable gloves to avoid cross infection.


There is a daily signing in/out book for the parents/carers to complete.

There is a self registration system for the children.

An attendance register is called daily during large group time

Emergency contact/health details are kept securely on the premises for every child and member of staff. These are updated annually.


All parents/guardians are welcome to visit the setting at any time. We encourage you to visit with your child prior to them starting. It would be advisable to ring before visiting as on certain days we could be out visiting (library, walks etc).

When a child first starts Pre-school, you are welcome to stay with him/her as you feel necessary. Your child’s Key Person will help your child to settle and throughout your child’s time at the setting, she will help your child to benefit from the setting’s activities. The settling in period varies with every child and can mean you staying for a whole session or just 20 minutes. Please do not worry! We are used to different patterns of settling in and you are welcome to stay until both you and your child feel happy. However, there may come a time when we feel that your child would settle easier if you left him/her in our care – this will be discussed with you first.